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First Pizza night in a long time

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Made some Ken Forkish  24-72 hour dough balls and  cooked pizza on a new set up for me. I used my  BGE plate setter legs down with four  2 inch kiln supports holding my pizza stone above that. I cooked my first pie, what we call a naughty margarita, which is a standard margarita pizza with pepperoni on top of the cheese) when the stone read 550. For my second pie, a mushroom and prosciutto with Mos and Asiago, the stone temp got a little high for the parchment paper and I had a devil of a time getting the pie free from the parchment. Thus the amoeba shape. However this was an extremely delicious pie. I sautéed baby Bellas and a gourmet blend of wild mushrooms in olive oil with minced garlic,  sea salt and cracked pepper, I used plain old cream of mushroom soup as a pizza sauce, concentrated right out of the can with no extra liquid. I put the sautéed mushrooms and prosciutto on top of the sauce.The pie  just screamed mushroom flavor. Really, probably one of the best pies I have ever cooked, at least according to my wife. 

Naughty Margaritta


Fungi pie


I love this Ken Forkish recipe, it makes a nice light, extremely flavorful crust, that stands up well to toppings. 


An interesting note, is that during my pizza cook, the guys building a house up the hill were using a giant crane to place the trusses. Pretty fun to watch, "God bless the working man". Also just after we had dinner and cleaned up. Probably the biggest mulley buck we have had this year walked on to the property. He is a truly nice buck and was with a bachelor group of younger bucks who were nice but way out classed compared to this big boy. I will post his pics in the cooler under "really big boy in the back yard" if your interested. .Had fun tonight, probably going to cook more pizza, love the new set up. 


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They look superb - and I am definitely going to try the fungi amoeba (can’t wait to tell my husband that). With or without the amoeba part... That depends on both grill and cook conditions. Maybe if the grill isn’t too hot and the cook (me) isn’t too hydrated we can skirt the amoeba phenomenon.  Definitely no guarantees on that. Especially if I am attempting it highly hydrated.  Oh and I guess since we are talking baking, we could consider dough hydration as well - though my guess is that would play a lesser factor than hydration of the cook.  At least in my case. ;)



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Love to see pics of your efforts. I used Ken Forkish's 24 to 72 hour dough recipe which is at a 70% hydration.  Very nice tasting dough with an excellent texture. My wife says of all the doughs I have made, she thinks she like this one the best. You hand mix it in a tub and do minimal dough manipulation. The recipe calls for 500 deg, and I cooked them a little hot. The concentrated mushroom soup actually makes the pizza. After I put the sautéed mushrooms on top of the soup sauce, I added some grated moz as well as some grated asiago. 
When I sautéed the shrooms I threw in some shredded prosciutto but you could also use bacon. Just before I  cooked the pie, I drizzeld some garlic infused olive oil on top. Really nice flavor. It is based on a pie from a place called A-16 in San Francisco. A-16 is the main highway that runs through Southern Italy. By the way, I kept myself hydrated as well with a couple IPA's. After all it was pizza night. 

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