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Bottom shelf Classic I

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I mentioned I was making a bottom shelf on an older thread about a Big Joe shelf project. 


After much deliberation, I decided to make one for my recently acquired KJ Classic. 


I had had previously replaced the plastic slats that comprised side shelfs with red stained popular. I wanted to match the bottom shelf to that style. 


I had on hand just enough popular hardwood to make 8 slats 2.5 x 24 so I went with that basic overall size of 24x24 after spacing the slats equally. I made this in two pieces as I wouldn’t be able to place the shelf if it were one piece. 


I cut cut the corners out using a hole cutter with my drill. 


To to use as a resting place for the two piece shelf I inserted a steel rod which I hammered into place and cut to size. I need to still paint it black to match stand. 


I’ll stain and finish to match side shelf’s. 



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7 hours ago, DevilDog0402 said:

Looks great Jebber.  Is the shelf still two pieces and it is attached to the steel rods?




Yes, as it turns out the two pieces snap together somewhat. Just sits on the road, the corner cutouts prevent any movement. 

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