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The Sous Vide Everything guys just posted a YT video comparing smoked SV BB ribs. They prepared one rack smoked for two hours @ 140F before a 14-hr SV cook (I don't recall the temp.) and another smoked for two hours @ 140F after the 14-hr SV cook. Their result was the SV before the smoking resulted in a better rib, even though both were good. 


Awaiting the outcome of your cook, John.

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4 hours ago, pmillen said:

Did the rub appear to change any during the 24-hour SV cook?


I ask because, to me, some spices seem to disappear, and others seem to get stronger.


I dont think so.  I think the 24 hour part with the rub was a good thing here.  Those ribs were definitely delicious tasting because of that.

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