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Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

John Setzler

Where did you buy your New Kamado Joe Grill?  

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On 1/31/2019 at 11:29 AM, John Setzler said:

In the Kamado Guru Facebook group the vote is:


Costco - 105

Non-Costco - 207


That should give you an indication of where all the Kamado Guru traffic is going :)  We have had 14 votes here in the same time period... lol


Wow! FB, Google and the like are just too invasive for me. I would love to simply interact with those in the forum. But, that opens the door to them squirreling through my contacts, examining what sites I visit and articles I read, and them selling that info and sending tageted ads supposed in line with my preferences. I understand the move but, I enjoy the illusion that I still have some modicum of privacy.

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1 hour ago, CentralTexBBQ said:


Wow! FB, Google and the like are just too invasive for me.


Amazon and PayPal are just as active in this realm.  They all mine data from their subscribers and sell it.  Subscribers more resemble their product than their customer.

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I  purchase my Big Joe from BBQ guys. Com. They had a special going and with a purchase of a kamado Joe I got a free joetisserie. I had a problem with the delivery. My Big Joe came with some injuries. I immediately contacted the company they stood by it 100%. BBQ guys. Com made sure I was 100% satisfied with the purchase. I would definitely recommend and buy from this company again.

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I just ordered one through our local KJ dealer, "Backyard Pool and Patio" in Bloomington, IL.  They have great reputation locally and they deliver and set up the grill. It will be delivered on Monday (I ordered it a few days ago).  I appreciate the deliver and setup due to the Big Joe III weighing 487 pounds.  My old Honda Civic wasn't gonna get the job done hauling it home :-)

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