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I'm baaaaack.

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It's been a while.  Not really for kamado cooking, but for kamado posting.  I've been particularly busy with my running.  I ran a full marathon in November and another half two weeks ago.  I've been doing a 12 mile run each weekend and usually 2 other 3 mile runs as well each week but now my 8 year old has been wanting to run with me so those runs have been short to accommodate him.  We also went to NOLA over Christmas break to celebrate our 10 anniversary.  I have been cooking the whole time, maybe not as many gatherings as I would like, and my kamado cooking has decreased but it is still in my regular rotation.  Anyway, I made burgers tonight so I felt like posting them.  I'm planning on doing kamado pizza tomorrow night as well.  I got a pizza steel that I LOVE and has totally upped my pizza game, but I have only used it in the oven so far. That and the elements of pizza book. So so good. Anyway, I've missed you all


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