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Old Standby Delivers Again!

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Nice warm weather called for my second cook of the week. Decided to do one of my favorite kamado cooks, an old standby that has never let me down: smoked meatloaf.


If you're reading this and have never smoked a meatloaf then you need to try it, soon. Without a doubt one of the largest improvements vs. conventional cooking of just about anything I can think of.  I pretty much followed John's recipe, except increased the soy sauce and added a TBS Worcestershire sauce.







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1 hour ago, K'man said:

Nice looking meat loaf.  I like the way you cooked it and let it drain.  I love smoked meatloaf done on a Kamado.


That's a miniature broiling pan out of an old toaster oven, works really well for meat loaf on the kamado.

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