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Fig, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Pie

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Those that know me,  know I like the flavors of the Med, so why should my Sweets for my Sweety cook  be any different? My wife says she has never met a pizza she did not like, so I decided on a Med flavored sweet  pie to put a twinkle in her eye. I used Ken Forkish's 24 -72 hour 70% hydration dough and stretched out a nice 12" pie. I put down a layer of whole milk Moz with some pizza spices, garlic, and a bit of crushed red pepper. On top of that I added some nice plump dried black figs sliced thin, crumbled fresh local  goat cheese, shredded prosciutto, and arugula. To top it off, and to make it extra sweet, I added a heavy drizzle of Lemon and Fig Marmalade. Figs are not in season now so I used dried ones. I is important that you find dried figs that still have moisture and softness, if they feel like cardboard they will also taste that way. I found the Whole Lemon Fig Marmalade in a specialty foods shop on Main Street. Just a wonderful tasting pie, plenty sweet, but also quite savory and  interesting. My wife said it is definitely a keeper. 


Here's a pic of the black figs and the Whole Lemon Fig Marmalade


The evening was dramatic with nice storm cloud formations


This is what the pie looked like on the peal


On the Egg at 600 degs


Da money shot, sliced and ready to enjoy



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18 minutes ago, St1brew said:

Great Job, pie looks awesome! This looks to be a nice balance of sweet and savory. I'm sure it hit the mark for the both of you.

The figs are very sweet and kind of savory on their own. However, when you add the whole lemon fig marmalade drizzle it brings on a whole new level of sweetness. Also, I might add the marmalade allows you to control the sweetness quite well, the more you add the sweeter the pie gets. 

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3 hours ago, keeperovdeflame said:

Also, I might add, this Voodoo Ranger was  exceptional with the juicy flavor of citrus hops. The laws of physics say that it is impossible to cook a proper pizza without an IPA close at hand (that's how I read them anyway)



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