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The Pizza tip that has helped me the most:

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I have cooked pizza for years and years and was never really satisfied with my crust. I tried dough recipe after dough recipe and still couldn't find a winner. Then a friend asked me what temp do you cook at? I said 600-650. He asked is that a dome or stone temp? I said the temp was off the dome thermometer. He said what temp was your stone? I didn't know.


He gave me this infrared laser thermometer and said make your stone the temp recommended for your dough.


I made some Ken Forkish 70% hydration 24 - 72 hour dough and used the laser probe thermometer to make my stone temp 600 deg and cooked some pies. . Crust problem totally solved and my pizza cooks definitely went to the next level. Crust was crisp with a nice bite, and had the consistency and airiness of a nice sour dough bread internally. Simple thing I had been ignoring, actually  turned out to be the big turn around.  Best pizza tip I have ever received, so I thought I would pass it on to anyone who does not  already know this little gem of information . Happy Cooking. 


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