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Surf and Turf, Grate and Skewers

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Surf and Turf on the Konro. 


This is my preferred method for steak kabobs. Start by cooking your steaks low-n-slow until an IT of 110*.






Let them cool. Trim the edges, cube them, and marinade them a bit. 





Steak kabobs and small dwell in the shell lobster Tails ready to go. 




Meanwhile I had some green beans going on the KK. 




A few on grill shots. 







Done this way the steak kabobs end up a nice md rare with just the right amount of char. With Baked Apples a la mode for desert. 








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5 hours ago, Scott Roberts said:

Nicely done CK, one tail and a couple of kebab's for me please!!




Thanks Scott. It's been a while since I had some tail (lobster that is ;)

Dwell in the shell always comes out spot on. Wasn't sure how it would cook on the Konro. Just needed an extra min or so since it's not totally surrounded by heat like in a kamado. 


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47 minutes ago, TKOBBQ said:

Oh man that's a plate of awesomeness.   Bet it tasted as good as it looks.


Tasted awesome and the Konro is just a fun grill to cook with. There's something special about taming glowing coals or live fire........... 


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