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Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

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I was thrilled that the challenges returned, and then quickly thought to myself, "what in the world am I going to do for dessert?". We are not big dessert makers or eaters here, and our go tos are usually fruit based. I looked around for grilled fruit desserts, and found one (gasp, on a website for a gasser) that involved all of the following wonderful things: pineapple. bourbon, grill, and rotisserie. So, I set out to make bourbon glazed rotisserie pineapple on a kamado. 




I intended to make the wings on the big joe, and then rotisserie the pineapple on the classic. However, the classic heated up almost instantly, while the big joe took its sweet time, so I switched grills, crammed the wings in the classic, and used an extra large kamado to rotisserie one pineapple. With some welding gloves, I was pleasantly surprised how fast and easy it was to switch the intended cook with both grills. 




While the wings cooked, I began giving the pineapple coats of the bourbon/brown sugar/butter glaze.




The wings came off, and we very much enjoyed them (tequila lime seasoning mixed with baking powder, 20 minutes a side indirect at 350). These end up being crispy just like fried wings with a wonderful moist center. I still cannot believe how easy and tasty this wing cook is, I still get lost in the "magic" of the kamado. 




Back to the pineapple. All that lid opening leads to a little more fire. The smell coming off the big joe indicates I am going to enjoy this dessert.








And served with some ice cream. We all loved this, and joked that the chicken wings were probably healthier than the pineapple. I am absolutely going to make this again. It was so easy, plated really well, and everyone young to old enjoyed it. Thanks again for getting me out of my comfort zone!



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7 hours ago, ckreef said:

Tasty looking grilled pineapple. 


So reading the post implies you have a Joetisserie for both the classic and the BJ? 



Thanks! I love the charcoal rotisserie so much I ordered the Classic size the same day I picked up the kamado. 


8 hours ago, MD_Ag said:

Looks nice. I'm a little surprised you went for direct heat. I usually get too many burnt sugars that way.


I had never done this before but I figured I wanted some "crust". I am not sure why it did not burn more because the dome said it was running almost 400 degrees, but whatever happened, it worked perfectly.


4 hours ago, Bgosnell151 said:

That looks awesome.  You knocked it out of the park.  Is the bourbon glaze just bourbon, brown sugar and butter?


I added a couple of drops of vanilla. It was a very easy recipe and cook, maybe I just had beginner's luck! I am certainly going to try this some more. The crust and outer inch of the pineapple had a taste/texture/heat combo that was perfection. 

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Looks amazing. I've always done it differently in the past. Slice the cored pineapple into rings, dip the rings in coconut milk then dust with a mixture of white sugar and cinnamon, then grill until caramelized and serve with vanilla ice cream.

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Nice way to accommodate a change of plans based on how things were shaking out with your cook. Better to be flexible and go with the flow than to try to ramrod something that isn’t going to work right.  Looks fantastic. :)


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@gotzero you mentioned that you had your wing seasoning mixed with a bit of baking powder...


does that help with the crisping?


my bride and i both like wings, so i am looking forward to doing wings on my primo soon since we cannot order them most places with my bride's shellfish allergy...  most places cook skrimps in the same fryer as the wings


excellent cook, and the pineapple looks do-able although i do not eat anything that has alcohol in it... recovering (5+ years)


i think i will find a substitute for the bourbon as well and copy your cook!... it looks delicious

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