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Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

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1 hour ago, TexasBlues said:

@gotzero you mentioned that you had your wing seasoning mixed with a bit of baking powder...


does that help with the crisping?


my bride and i both like wings, so i am looking forward to doing wings on my primo soon since we cannot order them most places with my bride's shellfish allergy...  most places cook skrimps in the same fryer as the wings


excellent cook, and the pineapple looks do-able although i do not eat anything that has alcohol in it... recovering (5+ years)


i think i will find a substitute for the bourbon as well and copy your cook!... it looks delicious


I find "aluminum free baking soda" added to the rub to work magic on indirect cooked wings. I aim for 375 degrees and usually do 20 minutes, turn over, and 20 more minutes. Most of the time the skin breaks like glass when they are ready. We sauce them at the table. They end up crisping so well. My family prefers these strongly to fried wings, and we have a deep fryer. 


I bet the pineapple would do well without the bourbon, keep up the good work!

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 3.17.37 PM.jpg

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