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Jose Andres Zapata

Fired up - 700 degrees

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It's awesome pictures but be careful. Ceramics crack if heat stressed too hard. 


As many pizzas as you put out recently in a short time you are the perfect candidate for a WFO. 


And it would look good next to your kamado ;)





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1 minute ago, Jose Andres Zapata said:

Thanks ckreef for the advise on the temp.


Pardon the ignorance but what is the WFO?


WFO = Wood Fired Oven 


There are a few of us that have a WFO. A few different styles but they all basically work the same. Just like the high end pizza joints with there WFO's glowing in the background. You watch as they snuggle your pizza up next to a flaming fire. Ours are just a smaller home version. 



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