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Edward Cook

Back to College Steak Dinner

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Not to overload y'all but I'm a few weeks late posting these ... finally got the pictures where I could upload them.


My precious daughter (one of two precious daughters!) was home from college for Christmas.


As she was about to head back to Houston (Rice U) after the holidays, it obviously became necessary :) to cook her some rib-eye (her favorite).


Below is the photo essay ....




Costco is awesome!




Low with some Mesquite for a reverse sear ...




Checking ...




Pulled to rest while I fire up the Joe!




Yep ...




Back on for some sear!




Pulled to rest ...




Resting ...




And a wedge salad ...




And some Brussels sprouts ...




And some flat bread ...




And some baked spuds ...




And some good vino ... and let's eat!




The happy student!





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      Today I demonstrated to a friend how to use Kamado for pizza and grilling from starting Kamado to getting to the desired temperature range. I set up my junior for pizza and I set up vision classic B for new steak method that John has video on. I love the divide and conquer system. For the steaks I had bought whole rib loin boneless and cut into 2" steaks. I got 8 X 2 " steaks and 1 2&1/4" steak. Small piece left will be used in stir-fry. I coated steaks in avacodo oil and seasoned with rub that is described in John's steak video. Wrapped in Saran Wrap and refrigerated. For the pizza the dough batch I made was Roman style dough. All said it done my friend will be getting s Kamado next year. He was impressed what Kamado can do and how the food tasted. He said it was a great meal. 2nd steak pic was medium rare steak top steak pic well done. My wife will only eat well done. Pizza was really good. I liked how crispy the crust was. I will make Roman style dough in future. Steak was paired with baked potatoe which I had done on my Trager and sweet potatoe salad and mediterranean pasta salad from Costco. My friend thought steak was fantastic and he was also impressed with pizza flavour and how crispy the pizza was. I had a good time and good food with my friend today.

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