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Grizzly Cookware

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Some of you might know that I have a fetish for high quality cast iron. I just recently upgraded my primary pans to  Finex Cast Iron and I have been seriously impressed with them. I stumbled across a magazine article recently that introduced me to Grizzly Cookware.  When I started investigating a little more, I discovered that Grizzly is a North Carolina (my state) based company that is veteran owned and employs veterans whenever possible.

These pans are nickel plated cast iron. I have never had a pan like this and I am simply curious. I have had plenty of bare cast iron and enameled iron also. Each has its purpose for me. The nickel plating on this pan introduces a possible best of both worlds scenario. The pan will be naturally rust resistant AND it won't be subject to chipping or damage on an enamel coating.


My new Finex stuff is just now getting seasoned like I like it after quite a few uses of each pan. THIS pan doesn't have or need a seasoning. THAT is the curiosity point for me on this line. I am curious about how this pan works compared to a natural cast iron pan that builds up a seasoning and patina from continued use. This pan with the nickel plating will not build that patina. The pan new out of the box will be the same pan 5 years down the road in terms of cooking surface. It has a beautifully polished and smooth inner surface that extends to the upper inside edge of the pan. The Finex pans I have are only finely polished on the bottom cooking surface. The sides do not have that level of smooth finish.


I did a little digging around the interwebs trying to find some reviews of this pan and didn't find much that was useful. I found a few videos that looked more like promotional videos. So... I need to get to work evaluating this pan and its performance. You will be seeing it on my grills and in the wood fired oven as well as on the stove top in the coming months.


From reading on the Grizzly Cookware website (https://www.grizzlycookware.com) it appears that this company is really new. It looks like they introduced their product in late 2016. Currently it seems that they only have a 10" and a 12" model of this pan. I bought the 10" because that is my most commonly used size. We'll see how it goes as I get started using it! I am tagging this with my Man Cave Review tag even though this is just a first look. I will post a more detailed review of this pan as soon as I get some cooking done with it.





Stay Tuned!

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That is interesting. I have some fun parts plated in nickel alloys and it is amazing how much abuse they take and wipe clean. If the pan is like that, I imagine it will be a dream to use. 


I have a nickel skin allergy that manifests fantastically any time I have nickel tough my skin for a long period. I looked up if it was safe for me to cook on ("no") and then read that stainless steel (which I cook on all the time) is not safe for me either. I imagine the pan would be fine, but I am not going to pay their cost of entry to find out. I will follow this with interest. 

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Definitely not cheap but I would consider it based on your review of it. I'm not a big fan of straight CI as I don't usually keep up with the seasoning so most of my CI is ceramic coated. Very interested in how this nickel coating works for you. 


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There was a company in NC a decade or so ago that was making nickel plated cast iron skillets. The name was Olvida Cookware. They seem to have disappeared. Wonder if Grizzly is Olvida reincarnated.

Griswold used to make nickel plated skillets a century ago. No idea why they stopped. Perhaps because of the allergic reaction some folks have to nickel?

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11 hours ago, retfr8flyr said:

Very interesting, from the one video I could find, the wasn't a promotional, it looked like the inside would discolor over time and not look that good, unlike the nice patina that regular CI acquires.


I am sure that it will.  I have some discoloring from my first cook on it.... 




I expect that will develop into a 'patina' of its own over time.


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