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Mixed berry turnover and pig candy(Sweets for your Sweetie)


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For my wonderful wife and daughter I made a mixed berry turnover with pig candy topped with homemade whipped cream. My wife was served a signature cocktail and our daughter had chocolate milk. This was cooked earlier this evening as our whole week has been busy. The mixed berry turnover has raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. It was tucked into a puff pastry crust(store bought) and brushed with butter. It was put onto the grill at a dome temp of 375, then cooked until golden brown. The pig candy was cooked first. Super simple to make. I brushed thick cut bacon with NH maple syrup then sprinkled brown sugar on top of both sides. On a baking rack and over a disposable pan they went. They went on the grill at 400 and were cooked until bacon was lightly browned. So onto the pics. 



Some colder than others was kind of my motto for this cook and a few members will get it.... In any event I was lucky to have a pretty mild day.  (What was it, 60 degrees in Georgia today?)


Had to burn off some funk so I decided to settle in for a bit.



Pig candy pre cook.


All done and yummy goodness!



I stole a piece for qc standards and what not;-).


Here's the turnovers going on the grill.




After about 10 minutes. I was looking because I didn't want it to go over.  These challenges if for nothing else stand to bring me out of my comfort zone and I am thankful for that!




And the MONEY!


Signature cocktail is called a "chocolate strawberry".  It consists of 1 ounce of frozen strawberry puree, 1 ounce of creme de cocoa(white), and half ounce of cognac in the shaker until frozen part is melted. Pour it straight into glass and top up(lightly) with champagne and garnish with a strawberry.  It tastes as described and is quite refreshing.   The dessert combination is a perfect complement of sweet, fresh, and savory components on your taste buds.  The wife gave two thumbs up for both.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


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39 minutes ago, St1brew said:

Some colder than others was kind of my motto for this cook and a few members will get it.... In any event I was lucky to have a pretty mild day.  (What was it, 60 degrees in Georgia today?)



11:51 PM - 59* sitting out on the porch in a T-shirt. 


Desert looks good. I love me some pig candy. Actually made a few different versions one winter. Boxed and wrapped it up really nice and gave it away as Christmas presents. It was a big hit as you can imagine.



P. S. The drink sounds delicious too. 


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6 hours ago, KismetKamado said:

Looks like a really great dessert and I like the idea of the pig candy to compliment the other more traditional sweet flavors. 

We were shocked at how good the flavors complimented each other. The pig candy worked well and added a much different aspect to the dish. It seemed like you got a perfect bite with all of the ingredients on the fork.

3 hours ago, daninpd said:

That looks and sounds really good.  My wife took one look at your pig candy pic and said that would make a great BLT.  I haven't even gotten my tomatoes in the ground and I'm already planning menus....

The pig candy came out great and I'll have to try some on blts soon. My wife and I are planning our garden now as well, and she's tearing through cookbooks to find items that "we simply must try"!

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As for the cocktail, it is very springy and refreshing. We are hoping to kick the chocolate note up a bit in the future. Perhaps because we could only find the Arrow brand creme de cocoa in the white or clear variety. It costs a whopping 8 bucks for a 750. So I'm sure there are better quality brands. My wife also suggested shaving some dark chocolate on to the top. 

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12 minutes ago, St1brew said:

That sounds awesome! Do you use toasted coconut?


What I did was dip the end in chocolate then roll it in coconut. (needed the chocolate so the coconut would stick to it). Toasted coconut would have been better. There's a post on here from a few years ago where I gave away small boxes of fancy pig candy for Christmas presents. 


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