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S’mores Baklava

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Well, I decided to punt and not enter the challenge.... but I had made a plan and had my ingredients, so I decided to do it inside instead. 


First of all, I got these cute little ramekins thinking I could do something fun with them. 




Well, maybe next year on those....


My idea for the sweets challenge was a s’mores baklava. My husband loves baklava and I thought a s’mores theme tied in outdoor cooking nicely. I got my ingredients.  The honey was from a friend who is an amateur beekeeper with hives in his backyard. 





I’ve never made baklava before, but it wasn’t too bad except for being tedious. Laid down about 7 layers of phyllo, buttering each, and then added a layer of Nutella. 




Another 5 or so layers and I put down a layer of marshmallow fluff. 




Then more layers of phyllo and Nutella. Probably 4 layers of Nutella total. And since I had a little marshmallow left, I decided to use it on one of the last layers.... which I would later regret. 




Finished off with more phyllo and off to the oven...not the kamado..... :(




Oven was at 350. 




About an hour later looking good... except the marshmallow rift down the center.  Should have skipped the extra marshmallow heart flair. 




 Poured the honey  sugar  syrup that I made while it was baking over the top of it. No plated shot until tomorrow. 




Should have manned up and fired up a grill, but sometimes you just have to tap out. 


Plated shot to follow tomorrow after an overnight rest for it to absorb the glaze and set up. 







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31 minutes ago, freddyjbbq said:

very creative, looks tasty!


bet it wouldve rocked with a kiss of smoke from the 1300


Agreed. This was dreamed up with an outdoor cook in mind.... It was just not in the cards this time.


Hopefully its a winner and I can do it justice next time around. 

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How much to ship half of contents of that pan to the 603? Looks great and agree that it needed that lump charcoal light smoke from your KK, but I'm sure it will be dealicious as cooked. Great job!

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i see NOTHING wrong with that cook... the marshmallow rift adds a geological component that works... for me anyway...


i agree with the smoke, yet understand the need to take a break from the grill... blasphemy, i know


bet they would go great with some ice cream or a glass of milk!


well done!

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