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Smoke Ring Doesn’t Matter!!


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1 hour ago, mike echo said:

I agree Freddy.  My Rec Tec puts out smoke at lower temps-no super smoke setting. Maybe it needs one.  Next low cook I do, I'll pay extra attention looking for a smoke ring. Guess i could get a smokin stick. Nah.


I will try Bosco's  wing cook.




Yeah man those wings look great 


think I might cook some and post on Instagram as my own 



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15 hours ago, freddyjbbq said:

But, are any of us unhappy when we get a good one? These were cooked on the Traeger Timberline 3/1/1 method @ 225 on supersmoke setting.


traeger competition blend pellets from Costco 



What can I say.  Us poor pitmasters have such fragile egos.  We get the shakes because we don’t see the right shade of blue smoke coming out of the chimney.  You’ll see us shed a tear if we’re 1 degree over the perfect steak.  


Then comes the grand daddy of them all, to wrap or not to wrap, that is the question. 


It looks great.  Brag about that smoke ring, not because it’s necessary; it just what us proud Grill masters love to do.

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