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Pork ribs w/spiced rum glaze

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Mrs philpom asked me yesterday if I'd like to cook ribs tomorrow and of course I said, "yes".  I found a couple of rib racks in the beer fridge ready to go.


I used Crystal Louisiana hot sauce as a binder.  Hit them well with some house pork rub and some extra black pepper.


This cook was done on the Primo with sanora lump, apple wood and ran at about 235 average for the duration.


Spritzed with apple cider vinegar every 30 to 50 minutes.  At the end I brushed on a spiced rum glaze and gave them about 20 minutes for it to set.  Good stuff.













Finger licking good!



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13 hours ago, Golf Griller said:

Great looking ribs. What is the recipe for the spiced rum glaze?


12 hours ago, lunchman said:

Excellent looking ribs and meal.  Ditto on the request for the spiced rum glaze. 


Nice job!

Thanks y'all, it's pretty basic.  Classic sweet BBQ sauce (think Kraft or even store brand here) thinned out with Captain Morgans, about 2 parts sauce with 1 part rum and a dash of ketchup.  If your rub has much salt I'd go easy on the ketchup or even leave it out.  I just whipped it together real well before I brushed it on.  It was well set to the point that you could leave a fingerprint in it and your finger would come back clean.

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