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Hello from the great white north, three Kamado’s

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Hello, I’ve been lurking too long and thought it’s take to make it official. I am unoriginalusername on the BGE forum for some of the familiar names I see here 


I have a large,  minimax and mini bge which I try to cook everything on 

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On 2/24/2019 at 8:51 AM, philpom said:

Welcome aboard!  Nice cooking spot.

Thanks!  Really love being outside cooking on a grill 


On 2/24/2019 at 9:36 AM, St1brew said:

Welcome aboard, nice looking spot! Your cooks look great on the link.

Thank-you, just getting started so I try not to flood people with food porn pictures but happy to have an IG account dedicated to what comes off the Egg


On 2/24/2019 at 11:16 AM, Vanole said:

Welcome Smokindadbbq, I too am "dual cool" well maybe not cool and post on both forums over on the green one I am tiewunon. Lots of friendly folks here and not much of the "OT" drivel.

I already notice that, thanks for the welcome


22 hours ago, retfr8flyr said:

Welcome to the forum!

Hey, thanks 


20 hours ago, BobE said:

Welcome to the forum, very nice setup!  

Hello and thank-you.  I wish I discovered earlier that when it comes to Kamado's ... the more the merrier 

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5 hours ago, daninpd said:

That's my idea of a happy place.  Out of the rain, in your case out of the snow.  Perfect.


Lol exactly, thanks. I still get a little wet if it’s raining hard but at least the weather doesn’t interfere with the cook 

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      Hence I have  taking the (huge) plunge and just ordered myself a Kamado Joe classic II. Living somewhere where it mostly rains this is basically a ludicrous purchase..however I am determined I will use it all year round. In fact I've told my better half we can't use the oven for the next 6 months just so I can justify the cost!
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