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Primo XL firebox question?

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Wondering if my firebox is breaking down at the two halves meet points. Not sure if this is natural what I am seeing or is there more going on that I should know about. The folks at Primo agree to send me out a new firebox at no charge (except for shipping cost) and this is all good but my greater concern is the fit of the fire box or something else that maybe come a recurring matter. I am attaching a couple pics to better describe what I am seeing. The other half section of the fire box looks straight as one would expect. The Primo XL is less than a year old. Not sure if cooking pizzas around 500 - 550 temp (fire box must be hotter) has something to do with the problem.









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I thought the KickAsh was supposed to help reduce the occurrence of the firebox cracking...


i just installed my KAB and have used it once... so i cannot tell if there is any difference in the overall performance... plus i am also new to ceramic cooking


i am interested to see how this turns out and i guess i should register mine so i can get the warranty


keep us posted please?

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I have a Primo large oval 300. My second  firebox is cracked, after warranty replacement at about 4 years. The First one cracked from top to vent hole. I kept using it for  6-8 months until it cracked again and eventually fell apart. I reported the second failure  in May 2020, and still do not have a replacement. Primo was bought and moved. I have been promised over and over for a replacement date. They pass and I hear nothing. It seems the buyout and relocation was not handled well and they really do not care about old customers and warranties. Too bad. Used to be an honorable organization. My $1000 investment seems to have been wasted. Guess I will buy a Weber or some such that I can trash every few years.

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