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BB Ribs with Butcher Paper

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Hi Everyone!


I am trying BB Ribs but this time I finally got some butcher paper and this will be the first thing I will cook using the butcher paper. In the past ribs have been awesome without it but I am interested to see what difference if any, there might be. Its a gorgeous day in Port St Lucie, 85 degrees, partly cloudy, hanging out on the patio with nothing to do but wait for a great meal.   Pictures to follow



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How does one find and select butcher paper? I imagine some have treatments that you wouldn't want on food. Is there a special type to look for, or certain type of store that would likely have the right thing?

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I like the way these ribs came out, they were as moist as the last ones I did and even had a really nice crispness in some parts. For a side dish I cut up some potatoes (russets) and drizzled some EVOO and sprinkled with the same rub I made for the ribs and added a teeny bit of cayenne. I love cayenne on potatoes. They were super awesome, what a great meal!


I am not sure I saw any benefit to using the butcher paper but it was a good experiment. 

Pre-Wrap BB Ribs.JPG

Wrapped and Ready to Remove.JPG

Sauced and Ready.JPG


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