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Kamado Joe Classic II arrived

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2 hours ago, Jebber said:

It never hurts to ask nicely IMO


if you accidentally back into my mailbox and offer to fix it & I ask you nicely to paint my fence, you might go for that? 


(Just joking around with you)



1 hour ago, John Setzler said:

..... it creates an expectation and yet another sense of entitlement.


Seriously, get your free replacement  parts shipped free to your home, turn a few bolts & cook a burger .

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1 hour ago, pmillen said:


The inconvenience of making the claim is the smallest portion of the situation.  Many businesses recognize that other aspects that might be lumped together as emotional distress have longer half-lives.  They voluntarily take the blame and take the initiative to go beyond undemonstrative and impersonal warranty fulfillment.  They don’t act like Commander Spock.  They say things like, “I’m so sorry that we let you down” or “That must have been so disappointing.”  They usually try to rebuild good will by, “I know that we can never really make up for this, but we’d like to send you a _______ for your inconvenience.”


But the customer needs to wait for the merchant to initiate the offer.  Asking for free stuff is gauche and usually ineffective.



I agree. Some do.  But asking those who don't is begging.   I'm sorry but I'm not gonna buy into that, support it, or promote it.  If someone needs that kind of coddling then they should research everything they purchase in advance to make sure that's what they will get if they have to make a warranty claim.

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Things happen in manufacturing all the time, most of the time it can’t be corrected buy the consumer, but sometimes it can. As in this situation, the solution is about as simple as they come.


I don’t understand what is so difficult about asking KJ to send you a thermometer, and drilling a hole.

Even if KJ sent you a new Joe. It would take more effort to unpack the the thing, and that doesn’t take into account assembling it, than it would to drill the hole, and pop in a thermometer.

Or has KJ ruled it out as a solution?

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I've been following along but have stayed out of the conversation because nothing a would say would benefit this discussion until now. 


If they send you a thermometer and drill bit put those aside. Order yourself a nice Tel-Tru thermometer and get a drill bit for that size hole. Upgrade your thermometer while it makes sense to do so. That's all I got for this conversation (well I got that is productive anyways ;)



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11 hours ago, Rip said:

Since KJ was contacted first, why can't they do the same thing? Although this is undoubtedly a freak occurrence, there's no question this grill should not have left the factory.  KJ is ultimately responsible for the manufacturing of their products - and their customer service.
Photos, measuring and having to replace faulty parts would be out of the question for me.
Who's responsible if you crack the new dome during a replacement installation you shouldn't have had to do in the first place?
I'd ask for a brand new unit or a full refund.
No more - no less.


No doubt the screw up is KJ's. However, these units are not sold and shipped to the Ace Hardware's of the world at the same price they are sold to us. The are sold at a price that, among other things, assumes the seller is taking on some of the initial responsibilities of customer service, returns, replacements as it relates to the sale itself. Generally, there is a period of days before this responsibility is shifted to the manufacturer and at that point, the seller typically, steers the customer toward a warranty claim. The OP is a customer of the Amazon Seller. And, it just isn't a warranty claim at this point, it's defective merchandise. That's why KJ was right in asking whether he had contacted Amazon. I would have been more persuasive in having the buyer pursue that as the easiest course of action for the himself. 


For the Amazon seller, this is a great boon. The ability to sale something without providing any customer service as well as assuming no risk for defective merchandise, returns, replacements, etc. All the real cost of business is shifted to KJ.


CAUTION CONSPIRACY THEORY AHEAD!!! I guess I am becoming less trusting in my old age because I do not put it past some of these sellers on Amazon to attempt to buy defective merchandise, repackage it and sell it off as new. Just kidding mostly... :-D


And I also agree with you on this point. I would not want to deal with the hassle of replacing the dome. A few months into owning my first Big Joe, I called about a smoke leak in the bottom vent and KJ offered to send a new base out. I was expecting a tube of silicon or something. It intimidated the heck out of me, trying to handle all of that by myself, so I begged off. Fortunately, I discovered later that the 'leak' was actually no big deal.

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On 3/8/2019 at 10:59 AM, pmillen said:

I'm probably not capable of replacing that dome.  If it happened to me I'd contact my credit card company and tell them that I'm asking the merchant to send someone to box up and pick up the faulty kamado and deliver a new one.  I'd tell the CC company that I'm going to stop payment if they refuse.


I understand that mistakes happen, but I won't allow someone make their problem into my problem.


I'd want to know about this if I were the merchant.  

This! You’re absolutely right. 

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