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    • By PeteHr
      Hi, I've been a keen griller for many, many years, and have owned various gas and charcoal BBqs. I've currently got a Weber MasterTouch and Spirit gas grill,  but I've been thinking about a Kamado for a good while now. After a lot of research I took the plunge this week and finally  brought a Kamado !    I ending up going for a Monolith Classic (my shortlist was the Monolith or Kamado Joe), and picked it up Wednesday (it was an ex display model).
      Today I fired it up for the first time as the weather was kind (well for February in the UK anyway!) and did my first cook (just a spatchcock chicken and some corn). I was amazed how easy it was to light (much easier than using a chimney starter), but I was even more amazed by how easy it was to control the temperature and how stable it was.
      The results were very, very impressive. Lovely most chicken (I used a semi dry rub of Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Salt, Cayenne...) and nice corn (although that was a tad overcooked for my taste). All done indirect, and I never opened the lid once during the cook.
      Overall I think this grill is going to get as much use as the weather here will permit, and I look forward to learning much as well as contributing to this forum !
    • By Slowburn
      I think I've finally tracked down a local supplier of Oak for smoking but was offered Green (Naturally) Seasoned wood or Kiln Dried.
      What works best on a Kamado? Instinctively I think that the moisture in Green Seasoned would give a slower burn so more consistent smoke. Your thoughts / experiences / advice welcome.
      Wood for this type of smoking is not readily available in the UK. Dust for cold smoking or chips are mostly what you can get. Several companies from the US are on eBay and offer to ship over here. If you buy wood chunks online who do you trust?
      Thanks B
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