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Whole wheat naan test run

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I have prepped my dough, and I am currently heating my kamado up to 575 with pizza set up for naan baking.  I used poolish style pre-ferment.   I instead of have left over pre-ferment,I scaled up final dough recipe based on total weight of pre-ferment.   For dough I used Greek whole milk yogurt.   To pre-ferment add the Oil, yogurt, yeast and salt, mixed and rested to all active dry yeast to hydrate in mixture, then after resting I added fresh ground whole wheat flour one cup at a time until I add my calculate weight needed.    Dough currently proofing, later I will be putting into 100 g balls and I will used my tortilla press to save some time.  


I will add more pictures once I have baked some.


i just added the baked ones, taste is kind on nutty which I think is from the hard red spring gain that I milled for fresh whole wheat flour,   Will have to try making more the naan shape, but I am happy with taste for first try,  







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Add photos of baking.

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17 hours ago, KismetKamado said:

Wow!  That looks fantastic. Wish I was ambitious enough to try this.  Which method did you prefer?  Stone or cast iron?  Cast iron looks more traditional I think. 

Cast iron.  Taste from stone was fine, but cast has better look for naan but taste very similar. Next batch I will try to roll a little thinner and maybe use 400 to 450F cast to get some air bubbles in naan. That way it would resemble traditional made one in tandoor oven.  I will try Thursday/Friday as that is date I need to used by no later than Friday. 

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