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Bacon America Great Again

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Made bacon for the second time , came out great. Bought a 10lb  pork belly from Costco.

Three different flavors : maple , Sriracha honey , finally Bookers Bourbon and maple .

They were all delicious and had very distinct profiles. Basic 7 day dry cure , 24 hour drying to form

a pellicle , and hickory smoke in the Joe at 225 degrees about 2 1/2 hours until bacon hit 150 degrees.

The hand slicing was a pain , I'll be looking for a slicer soon. Once you do this , it will be hard to

eat store bought bacon again.




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I've been buying bacon at the local grocery at the meat counter - monster slices very thick triple smoked... look a lot like what you sliced up. Wife brought home some standard store-bought shrink-wrapped junk the other day and I almost filed for divorce.

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All kinds of stuff on line of course. There is a Facebook group called " Makin' Bacon " with almost

30,000 members. Tons of great info and very helpful members. Big percentage do cold smoking

which seems like a pain. I just hot smoked mine at 225 degrees on the Joe , and it came out great.

Curing process is generally the same. The pork bellies at Costco are great.

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+1 to making your own, and beautifully done!


Just to be clear, curing processes do vary, and interact with subsequent smoking in one very important way.

- I don't use sodium nitrate, so it's mandatory that I pasteurize to 150 F. 

- If you do use sodium nitrate, you have the option to cold smoke as well. 


Have fun,


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