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Demo Video - DZ-260C Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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12 hours ago, pmillen said:


Do the fractured cells change the texture?  I don't think I would care for mushy pickles.


There's nothing worse than mushy pickles!


But don't worry, they just become like standard pickles but in a couple of minutes instead of days - you can dial in the degree of "doneness" quite easily by changing the vacuum strength and number of cycles you pull. 

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John that looks like a very nice sealer.

One of the things that I found for sealing liquid is home made sangria. It will  transform into a poor tasting liquid in 24 hours if left open to the air in a refrigerator, but will keep a couple  of weeks if sealed and refrigerated. It tastes almost like fresh made.

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On 12/22/2019 at 12:42 PM, thomascw said:

John, just bought one of these on ebay based on your positive experience, it looks different than yours( hopefully an updated version). I hope it works as well.

dz 260c.jpg

So far, not as lucky with mine. It came crated but looked like it was handled roughly. Some hoses were disconnected and a power wire was ripped loose. It's working , but it's not generating enough negative pressure in the chamber. There is a slit in the gasket that goes around the lid, I think it's leaking there. Can you tell if your gasket is 1 solid piece with no seam? Also, I could be slightly over filled on oil, could that be a factor?


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