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    • By JohnnyAppetizer
      Since I bought the Kamado, the pellet grill has not seen much love. So last weekend I bought a brisket and fired it up.
      It was pretty tasty. 
      I’m thinking, other than fuel, pellet vs lump, it probably does not make much difference wether you control the temp by limiting fuel (pellet) or by limiting air flow, Kamado or Kamado with billows. You still have to pick the cut, season, adjust for temperature and time.
      I admit I have looked at various billow and temp control with blue tooth and or WiFi. Usually they have extension cord, and tons of wires , probes and so on. I really wanted to get away from dragging out the extension cord. There is a thread here on KG featuring a portable system with battery power. I like that idea.
      Anyhow, this weekend I was back on the Kamado with excellent results.


    • By bel4_20
      I see the interior tempreture probe in the 850 is in the top right hand part of the pit. Mine looks quite sooty?. How do you clean it,it looks a little fragile and i dont want to break it. Any step by step photos?
    • By KismetKamado
      And....... it was AMAZING!!!!  
      This was was a BBQ shop class sponsored by Traeger and the instructor was Diva Q.  I got my husband a seat for Fathers Day, but a couple of weeks later decided the older daughter and I would go to - so got two more seats and we decided to make a quick weekend getaway out of it. 
      First of all, Traeger knows how to put on a class. There was a row of Yeti's in the back... and they were well stocked - with good stuff.     
      Diva Q is an AWESOME lady. Super knowledgeable and really good about sharing the "why" of doing things a certain way. She knows her stuff.  And she made it a ton of fun, too.  Had a number of really good laughs over the course of the evening and learned quite a bit. She demonstrated chicken thighs, ribs, pork butt and brisket. And she wasn't shy about debunking some BBQ myths along the way - at one point when asked a question about one such myth from a participant, she asked my daughter to cover her ears and told a guy that it was total BS. Too funny.... lol



      And the best part... we finally got our Timberline 1300 that we have been waiting for for months. (Felt obligated to do a pickup shot Bosco style) Giddyup......

    • By SailorDan
      I really enjoy my Traeger and plan to keep it, but I need a grill.  Is a kamado type grill overkill?
      I'm primarily looking for higher heat and the ability to sear.  Despite the convenience of gas, I'm leaning towards charcoal for higher heat and the "fire" experience.
      I don't need the low slow capability of the kamado grill, but they are catching my fancy more than a charcoal kettle grill.  I'm thinking about Costco's Pit Boss.
      Should I just save $400 and get a Webber kettle?  Or is a kamado an experience not to be missed?
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