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John Setzler

Pan Seared Chops with Apple/Citrus Sauce

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I did a little indoor cooking for dinner tonight... I pan seared a couple loin chops in ghee until the sear looked good to me... I removed them from the pan and then sauteed a sliced/peeled granny smith apple. After the apple had cooked a bit, i deglazed the pan with some orange juice... a cup or so... then added a tablespoon or two of soy sauce, a clove of minced garlic... brought that to a simmer and then added a little cornstarch slurry to thicken it up. I put the chops back in the pan and covered with a lid to finish cooking them (to an about 145° internal). I also grated just a little cinnamon on top of everything... I served this over some white rice that I had cooked in a homemade veggie stock.


This was a really quick meal. 10 minutes of prep to peel/slice the apple, mince the garlic, season the pork chops, bring the veggie stock to a boil... 20 minutes to cook the rice and I started searing the chops with 15 minutes to go on the rice. It all came together nicely....



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I made this (very similar at least) yesterday after a day of good hard work at the BLM Mustang Rescue


1st time using ghee, so i used a little too much and had to drain off a tad... also used some commercial 'hickory' seasoning in a green shaker can


pork was insanely tender and the 'sauce' was excellent... definitely a keeper as we call them...


only thing i did different was add a splash of cholula with the soy sauce


thank you Mr Setzler for the recipe!


oh yeah, on Saturday, and i did a reverse sear on a 1.5 lb ribeye (cut from a prime rib roast) and seared it on the cast iron griddle... good LORD it was good...


i have to say, my novice talents are greatly disguised by the recipes that i get from you guys (and ladies) and the abilities of my Primo

best gift i ever got!

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