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M Teixeira pizza soapstone

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Review my experience so far with my new stone. I have been looking for a soapstone in the 16" range since last summer, but not terribly serious about it.  With the nicer weather coming I decided to order one from M Teixeira because they list a 16" stone and the one review said it was 3/4" thick.  There are a few places selling 13 inch stones, but I wanted this for double duty, pizza and to make smash burgers on, so I wanted a little more real estate when I'm cooking for more than two people at a time. I even called a couple of counter top makers looking for a sink cut out or something I could hack up myself but they didn't want to deal with me if I wasn't a contractor. Maybe I should have been a little more persistent.

M Teixeira are easy to find online, they have a decent website and ordering was fairly easy.  The next day I got an email saying that it had been sent, and the day after that I checked the tracking details.  The label was printed, but it didn't ship for a whole week, so I called and was told that it would ship that day.  I promptly got an email saying they had to cut  a stone for me and I recieved it two days later.  They were apologetic about the delay. 


The new stone out of the box, nice light gray color.



Instructions say to season it like cast iron, so here it is with a coat of oil before it goes into a 350 degree kamado.


Wait a minute! Wasn't this supposed to be 3/4 inch??!?

Well, it never says that in the description on the website. You can order a 13 or 16 inch stone and it just describes it as thick, a review which I'm assuming is real says the one they got was 3/4 inch thick.  I didn't pay enough attention and I just assumed. So I sent an email to the company and got a response from R Teixeira saying that sometimes they cut them from 1/2 inch tile stock, he assured me that it would be durable (I still feel that it won't heat sync as well as a thicker stone) and if it failed to let them know and they would stand behind it. I will choose to believe them until I have reason not to. I plan to make some pizza on it Sunday night, but in the meantime I made some smash burgers last night, it was fairly non stick and it cooked the burgers well running the grill at about 500 degrees. 


I need to invest in a couple of good flat spatulas now, I had a little trouble getting them to flatten out as much as I wanted, but still tasty!

I'm a little disappointed it took as long as it did to ship and that it wasn't as thick as I had in my head, but customer service has been very good when I reached out.  I would not call it cheap, but it's not that much more than the KJ half stone so if it holds up over time I will cautiously recommend this stone to someone that has similar wants as mine. 




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Red River Smoke said, 

I need to invest in a couple of good flat spatulas now, I had a little trouble getting them to flatten out as much as I wanted, but still tasty!


In my experience any spatula, because of the way it is designed,  is going to come up short when given the chore of smashing burgers. They make a smash burger press which is a disc of steel about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch thick and with a handle fitted to two upright posts attached to the top of the disc. the disc is just a bit bigger than your average good size burger.  Using this kind of press applies the maximum pressure to the burger and easily presses it down flat.  



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