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Blaze vs. KJ Big Joe III

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Hang on... if you're getting a III, my experience may not apply. I believe it's a bit larger. Just have a lot of helpers, perhaps with piano moving experience. 


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I am a little late to this conversation, but a few items that concerned me about the blaze are 1) the 20" size, I like two zone cooking and run out of room on my 24" BJ. 20" will also prevent the use of most accessories on the market.  Seems they have created a niche product since they moved away from what have become standard kamado dimensions 18" & 24".  2) the look of aluminum after it oxidizes, this can be time consuming to upkeep for those that live in coastal environments.  Blaze showed a video of the grill operating after being submerged in salt water for seven days (overkill) and it operated fine but looked horrible.  They didn't provide details about if the appearance cleaned up, so I am guessing it didn't. 


As a BJ owner for four years I am probably a little bit biased.  But as career military, I have moved the BJ to three different continents with zero durability issues.  So the Blaze might be indestructible, but is an indestructible kamado really what we need?  I do like the savings in weight as someone who moves every 2-3 years, but I don't let an event that happens so seldom influence my buying decision.  Cooking up a few slabs of ribs also seems to make volunteer helpers come running.


For placing the BJIII on a deck, 500 lbs. is roughly the weight of three grown men.  If your deck will support three grown men standing next to each other socializing, then it will support the BJIII.  The Weber Summit is the best option for those who need a lighter kamado. 


Sounds like you went with the BJIII, you won't be disappointed.   

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