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Kontrol Tower Cleaning


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Hey y’all. So I took my KT off today after I did a cleaning burn the other day. It was fully seized up. It’s never burned clean, it’s always just gotten worse. 


I soaked it in hot water and dawn, as well as dropping a few denture tabs in too. Most of the heavy gunk (and a good bit of paint) came off with a little elbow grease, a sponge, a nylon brush and a couple areas required some chain mail to knock the goop off. 


Long story short, after all of that, it still seems filthy as all get out. 


Should I do something different? I’ve seen some who’ve put them on the grate to do a burn that cooked the paint off, but wouldn’t that just get gunked up too? 


I’m just wondering if there’s a better way, aside from buying another type of cap. I’m sure I’ll need to do this type of clean again, as annoying as it is. 


Any ideas? 


Oh, did some chuckies the other day. So good. I picked some leaner ones this time, so they were a tinnnny bit dry. 


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Not sure is this is wise or not....so take this as a story, not as advisement. 


My kontrol tower ended up closed tight bc of gunk. The cap would twist open but the entire apparatus would not pivot. I tried adjusting the hardware screw but no luck. 


So one day when getting the grill hot for a quick clean, I just lifted the whole cap off the dome and placed it inside the grill on a grate. 


15 minutes of high heat burning later...it pivots just fine. 

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I used this degreaser, just put the entire kontrol top in the sink and soaked it down.  Did a great job and everything moved easily.  Here is the Amazon link, but I got it at walmart.




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When I was looking to replace the daisy wheel on my Egg I looked at the smokeware cap and I read where they will seize up so I went we the rEGGulator and I am very happy with it. It stays in place and basically no maintenance.




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I had trouble with the Kontrol tower getting gunked up and not pivoting so i just take the top part off till the grill gets going then put the adjustable part back on.This is my second tower and had trouble with the paint peeling off so i used sandpaper to remove the paint from the inside. I followed John's advice in his video and did about a 500 or 600 degree burn to clean the grill my top vent will pivot afterwords. 

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