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Second Cook on Junior

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Second cook on Primo Junior Oval: pulled pork! I wanted to test the staying power of the Junior for low and slow. So I figured pulled pork was a good idea. I had done the pork butt in two pieces Sous vide at 165 for 8 hours. I only went 8 hours Sous vide because I wanted plenty of time on the grill. 

The two pieces were rubbed down with BBQ Bro’s Memphis Style Rub. 8 hours Sous vide as stated, then two days in the fridge, waiting for the weekend. Rubbed again with the same rub, then onto Junior. Both heat deflectors were in place, and the cooking grates were on the higher level. Starting meat temp 42 degrees. Grate temp 250. I let that rock for about 2 hours, then I wanted to speed it up a little bit and get some good bark. I punched the grate temp to 300. Now remember, these had already been in the Sous vide bath, so this was finishing steps. Well I checked about 1.5 hours later, and it was ready! Shut down the vents, and let it coast about 30 minutes. 

Pulled it, added some of the purge liquid from the Sous vide and BAM! My wife kept saying “oh damn!” Over and over. She kept saying “okay, last bite” then she would take another.

So the total time was approximately 12 hours, but the majority of that was in the hot tub time machine. I am really pleased with the result. I think I might just do all my pulled pork this way from now on. 

As as for the Primo Junior, I am so happy with this cooker! I had rock solid temps for the whole cook. I used the marks that I made while calibrating the grill, and I got totally predictable results. It is a very versatile cooker. Two zone, low n slow, high heat searing, it is good for everything. Bread baking is next.







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