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Vision S, better sealing of ash tray area?

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I just bought a Vision S. Before I ever cooked on it I noticed that the ash tray did not sit perfectly flush when fully inserted. It looks to me like the corresponding metal plate that is fixed to the grill is not perfectly flat. I figured I would just try it and see what happened. For the trial run I was able to keep it around 225-250 but most of the time I had to keep all of the vents completely closed, or have the top vent only cracked open a hair. Once the cooking was done I made sure all the vents were closed but the temperature was not dropping, to me indicating that air was still getting sucked in. As a quick hack to shut it down for the night I taped some plastic over that whole lower section, which sealed it off completely, and within a few minutes the temperature was dropping. If I take my time I might be able to bend/tweak the outer sheet metal to better match the contour of the grill side, but I'm looking for recommendations. Even if I get that part to mate up better, it looks like the door for the electric starter isn't well sealed and will still leak air. I have read about some folks using gasket material to make the whole assembly seal better. If I do that, would it be sufficient to seal well enough to shut the grill down and not keep burning the remaining charcoal?

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Hi, I just purchased a Vision Professional S series grill and used it for the first time this weekend. I am 100% novice! Never used a charcoal grill in my life. Never made ribs (other than precooked) before and I smoked chicken wings and ribs this weekend.

The little cheat sheet adjustment guide that came with mine to achieve desired temps was spot on!

It says to smoke in the 225 - 250 range, top vent closed, left vent 1/2 (between closed and 1) and the right vent closed. I did this once the temp got close to my desired temp and had to move it up to about 3/4 and it stayed right there the whole time. I did the wings first, then the ribs, so I was cooking for like 6 hours or so and never had any issues.

I have seen people complain about the area you reference but mine seems fine. Thinking ahead before I used it I had contemplated putting aluminum foil tape around that area to control any leakage, but so far I have not experienced any issues.


BTW the wings were amazing and the ribs were the best I have ever had, perhaps its the satisfaction that I did the ribs myself, but they were even better than my TX BBQ family I had when I visited Houston. Sorry guys! LOL

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Welcome Ox and Captain, glad to have you both with us. Interesting that you both have pretty much the same situation and questions. First off the Vision Pro models are great grills and will most definitely cook your socks off. I know from experience because I learned to cook on a Vision Pro C. My ash drawer assembly leaked a bit from day one. I just cooked on it and found that it definitely held temp and shut down, and in short performed all the tasks a kamado should. Lots of folks get caught up in the need to make their grills as air tight as they can, and talk about all the mods to do that. I just cooked on mine and I turned out a whole bunch of great meals. My advice to both of you is to do the same, just cook on it. If you come across a problem that stops you from doing that, then I would address it, but until the grill prevents you from cooking, I would just cook. And Captain, yes, it is my experience that food off a kamado is better than anything I cooked on other grills. After I cooked my first spatchcock chicken and a pan of potatoes, carrots, celery, with Simon and Garfunkel herbs, my wife said in a questioning voice, "You really cooked this all by yourself". Gives you a good feeling and makes the family happy and expectant when they see you putting lump in the grill. By the way, both of you, please stop by the introduction forum and make a post to let our whole membership know who you are and such. Not everyone reads each individual grill section. Thanks, and Happy Cooking to both of you. 

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2 hours ago, keeperovdeflame said:

Lots of folks get caught up in the need to make their grills as air tight as they can, and talk about all the mods to do that.

It really does seem like people get obsessed with this all over the place. I goofed up the gasket on my Vision pretty quick and cooked on it for a while with it leaking. I replaced it and it sealed much better, but I really didn't see any difference in the foods. 

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Thanks for the welcome! I will try and get over to the introductions area, but since my only experience with BBQ is being immersed in my wife's cousins from Houston when they BBQ, I don't have much to give in the way of pointers :-). WOW, it is a whole new level down there from up here in MN! I'm excited to try things way out of my comfort range, like a brisket at some point, but for now ribs, wings, chicken, steaks, brats, etc. I made brats on Sunday and my son asked me how I cooked them (we've had the same ones many times before) and he said "these are the best ever". :-)

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On 4/13/2019 at 1:19 PM, Herman Munster said:

I replied to this problem and it seems to an easy fix . Just contact Visions and ask for a rubber gasket to go on top of the one thats already installed. Herman 


I received these two rubber gaskets. The large one like you have is self explanatory on how it attaches but I’m having trouble with the smaller rectangle one. To me it is to large for the application and keeps the door open on my test fit. I’m just looking for input before I break the seal on the tube. 



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