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Primo Round Kamado

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Find out condition? If issues exist with it ask seller if he is original owner. If he/she is see if owner would order parts under warranty.

$450 is a decent price but ceramic pieces start adding up if need replacing.

Good luck...

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Sounds like a great deal to me, and yes if it is a Primo it is most definitely a quality kamado. Even if you have to replace some ceramic parts, I am thinking you would be way ahead of the game. Does it have an 18 1/2 " grate if so it is along the line of a large BGE, or a KJ Classic. should be more than enough kamado for normal use. 

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for $405, I'd buy it to have a second round. I love my Primo. I've owned for 4 years now, sits in an outdoor patio uncovered. (Patio is covered, frill is not so still in the elements. The one thing is aftermarket for round primo is a bit tricky; I've ended up fashoning my own racks and cool zone separators  (a box of fire brick from Ace hardware and some aluminum racks saved quite some money)

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I just bought a used Primo Round to join my first child (Oval Junior). 


Question.... what the hell is this for? I kind of quickly dissassembled it with the Craigslist seller and figured I would be able to figure it all out. Well other than this I did...




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