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Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?

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@fbov great looking telescope. I used to be big into astrophotography. Had a complete but simple outdoor observatory in the front yard. Once I started it up I could control everything from inside the house. It was nights, and weeks of capturing data then hours and days of processing the data into some pretty kewl pictures of celestial objects. I still have most of the equipment just no time.


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5 hours ago, TexasBlues said:



that sir, is INSANE!


you did all of that yourself?


that is an incredible space...


i would never leave... that is of course until the bank came to repo the house because i quit going to work and paying for it

Yes, I had the basic room built with the house and then my wife and I did everything else. I think it came out very nice and the electronics and projector have been upgraded over the years but this is the first major upgrade, that has required tearing out the ceiling and rear soffit. I had to run a new HDMI cable to the projector, as the current one would not pass 4K content and had to run wires for the 4 ceiling speakers, for the Atmos sound. It's a big job for me now days but I hope to have it back together as soon as possible. Here is another past pic, from the screen looking back at the room.





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some really interesting folks on here!


thanks for sharing everyone!


I am a wood butcher... i live by the motto:


i keep cuttin it and its STILL too short


i try like heck, and i can do ok, but nothing remotely close to the skills i have seen here and in the DIY forum...


i am a jerk of all trades and a master of none

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10 hours ago, SCfb75 said:

I enjoy doing home improvement projects and brewing my own beer.  Here is my bar I built when I finished my basement,  progress was greatly impacted once this portion was done.


Needs air hockey!

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Other than cooking.... I've recently become what I consider proficient at baking :). To me cooking and baking are a lot different.  Hahaha.  I used to roast my own coffee, but my reflux got out of hand.  Just within the last few days I'm coming off my meds, so we will see how I do with that.

My biggest other hobby is probably distance running.  I ran my first marathon in 2011 and have been doing distance racing/running off and on since then.  Whenever I hurt myself I have to take some time... Sometimes months.  Luckily, I have pretty much been injury free for the last year and a half.  I've been doing half marathons since last March (2018) fairly consistently this year.  Ran a full again in early November and have done atleast a 12 mile run every weekend since.  I'm going to have my first weekend off due to spring break and being on vacation.... Here's hoping my body can handle the withdrawal from endorphins!  My 9 year old son receny started running with me on short runs, because he wants to get up to a 5k with me and some of my friends for Cinco de mayo! We are going slow but he is up to 2.3 miles!  I am a proud momma.  I also love reading and traveling. 

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7 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

First saw it in 2005 when my uncle first bought. He was diagnosed terminal and past last week. But in January, I bought it from him with ~15,000 miles on it. 








And my other obsession... 







I play music like i play golf...


poorly and usually ticked off... which just GREATLY improves the both the golf game and the note/chord making ability


what kind of music do you play @CentralTexBBQ?


somehow i missed out on the musical gene that everyone else in my family has (except my dad)... some met with some success, the rest are local 'names'...  by local i mean within their zip code...


i really like your acoustic (Takemine?) and i still have a Squier, i gave my Mexi-Strat and Hamer hollow body to my brother along with my Line6 Spider 2x10/120...


my hands are as musically inclined as an uncooked boston butt... my brothers have given me the nickname of 'Ham-Fist' and/or 'D*ck-Fingers' due to my playing style

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@riverfish, majestic lake shot!


i love fishing... but alas, like guitar, woodworking, and golf... i stink at it as well


theres just something about being on/near the water that makes catching the fish a bonus for me... i can be almost as content throwing a bare hook as long as i am close to the water


thanks for the response!

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