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Baby Back Maniac

Walk through of Blaze Kamado w/ Nick (the tannerite guy)

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A couple weeks ago, I got a chance to interview Nick from Blaze cookers. He gave me a walk through of the Blaze kamado. Nick is the guy who was in the tannerite video. He's a funny guy who sounds like a southern Baptist preacher or politician when he talks. 


I know you guys are probably all familiar with the cooker but I thought it might be fun to see a walk through of a clean one. lol. 





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18 hours ago, UTVol said:

@Baby Back ManiacThanks for posting, nice video!  Didn't see anything on 2 zone cooking with the blaze grill.  Did they have any accessories that allow 2 zone cooking?


Thanks again


Side note...love all your videos :)


Thanks alot! :-)

Unfortunately I didn't see anything there that day. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist but I didn't see it. Similarly there is apparently a metal heat diffuser I didn't see for indirect cooking. Looking back there are several questions like that I would have asked had I had more time to prepare but this was definitely an off the cuff thing.


16 hours ago, John Setzler said:

@Baby Back Maniac


Yup.. we double posted.. i deleted mine and pinned yours to the top here....


Thank you!


49 minutes ago, freddyjbbq said:

what a beauty!!


 Yeah, they did a good job with it. 

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