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John Setzler

The Kamado Joe SLoROLLER

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Howdy. Sure would be nice to know if where and when I could buy a SloRoller for my Classic.  Would also be nice to know if it will fit with my Kick Ash charcoal basket. This is a great site, glad I found it.


My first contribution:  The SmartFire "fan" gizmo from Australia transformed the delicousness of my cooks.  Great product, great customer service.  No affiliation.


TIA re the SloRoller

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I’m kind of worried about how easily it might reach 500 being so close to the heat with a lot of charcoal and no deflector. The dome thermometer won’t be a useful way to tell how hot it’s getting underneath. Remember, it’s not cooks that have to be below 500, it’s the sloroller itself.


I guess you could always keep a bird nearby. If it dies, you’re cooking the teflon!


Still showing as out of stock though.


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