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So, a little back story here.....

For whatever reason when there is nothing on tv my wife or son will always turn the tv to a cooking channel. Don’t ask me why, I’ve yet to figure it out myself lol. I rarely sit down at home, and I never watch the cooking channels. I love to cook old style; Dutch ovens, all cast iron cooking outside, everything made from scratch, et cetera. 


Well a a couple of weeks ago our son, Hunter, couldn’t find anything and said “dad, you’ll like this.”  It was BBQ Pitmasters. I could here it playing in the background. I somehow got hooked. 


I did did a little research and saw that Myron Mixon had three books. I now own all three, and by far my favorite, from what I’ve gotten to read, which arrived yesterday, BBQ Rules.  https://www.amazon.com/Myron-Mixons-BBQ-Rules-Old-School/dp/1617691844


An an interesting recipe he gives is smoking salt. Place 2” of kosher salt in a baking pan, on the opposite side of the meat you are smoking and it’ll take on the flavor of the smoke you are using. I haven’t had the opportunity to try this as of yet, my smoker hasn’t arrived, but I do plan on it. 


Has anyone else given this an attempt?  Results?

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I don't do it alongside meat for fear it would take on an off flavor but I've done it a couple of times. I have a batch I made along with smoked cheese this winter just using a smoker tube.


I should probably be using a nicer finishing salt, but I just do a thin layer of kosher salt in a pan, and give it shake or two during cooking to expose more surface area. Takes on the smoke flavor easily. 


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