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Steak, probably about as good as I can cook it!

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Went to CostCo this morning, while waiting for the Masters to come on the tube. Bought a couple big salmon filets and a whole Prime Rib Eye, that I cut into steaks of various sizes. All except one were vac sealed and tucked into the freezer. One nice little hunk of meat was reserved for dinner.   I set my Egg up for two zone cooking using a spider and a 14" half stone under the grate on one side of the grill. I used my heavy duty custom grate by Michael 1/2 inch rods with 1/2 inch spaces in-between. Sears very well. I loaded the egg with some Royal Oak. and waited paitently for it to come up to temp.

Me waiting patiently






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I finished off the ####aki mushrooms,  pulled them, and tented them with foil. I then concentrated on the steak bringing it up to 100 It on the indirect side of the grate.


I tried to keep the grill temp below 300 on that side of the grate where my probe was. 


When I got the steaks IT to 100, I opened the vents and let the temp climb



right in the middle of my cook about 15 deer came onto the property. My wife was cracking up because these deer went right to where I had planted wild flowers in this nice little drainage then catches afternoon light. 


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54 minutes ago, DrunkenMeatFist said:

I would think that a moderator on this site would have the foresight to avoid using such a profane mushroom. However, it all looks awesome and I doubt anyone would refuse a plate of that. 

Same thing happens when you cook suh####to peppers. PC madness

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