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I think I’m ready.....

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Tomorrow, between 6am and 6pm my very first Kamado grill is going to be arriving. I’m very excited, I feel like a kid the night before Christmas.  Hahaha. I think I’m all set.....












I have a wooden scraper arriving Tuesday, and haven’t quite bit the bullet on the KAB, but very close. 


I checked the deep freeze and I have three slabs of ribs, a whole turkey, and three pork loins, 17lb of hamburger.  Plenty of opportunities coming up. 

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1 hour ago, Golf Griller said:

You're ready. Looking forward to seeing your first cook.

That makes two of us. :)  I am hoping I don’t mess anything up. Going to do hamburgers tomorrow after I get it all set up. I plan on getting it all together, and starting the grill and seeing how I do at burgers before I attempt a rack of ribs or a ham or anything else. I figure that if I have trouble with hamburger I shouldn’t try my hand at anything else more expensive yet. Lol


Going to fire it up and see how I do at holding the temp at 225-250 range. If I do ok, then I’ll know. But then plan on opening up the vents and getting it to a grilling temp and grilling some burgers. 

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7 hours ago, bushcraft_joe said:

...  I am hoping I don’t mess anything up. ...

Two expectations I would try to set with any new owner...

- Expect some screw-ups, because that's how you learn.

- Expect everything you cook will be edible, even if it's not exactly what you had in mind.


It's hard to make food unpalatable. The only way I have ruined food is by putting it on too soon. The most important tools are your eyes and nose. Here's what to look for. 


Fires have 4 phases: lighting, growing, maturing and dying.

Only the MATURE phase is suitable for cooking. While a fire is growing, the smoke will be bad and any food you cook will have a strong, somewhat metallic smoked flavor that no one likes. The grill will put off a thick white smoke that smells very acrid. This will go away when the fire matures. You don't need white coals, exactly, unless your cooking directly, just a thin blueish smoke. I try to add my smoking wood late for this reason. 


HAve fun,


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