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New Gasket install


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Well that was way easier than I thought it would be. really helped taking the dome off first. This is a first gen Big Joe, but when I was sent the replacement new style hinge I wasn’t told I also needed the new wire mesh gasket. Got it as a warranty replacement as I had a 1/4 inch gap at the back of the dome with the old felt gasket. 


No elaborate setup needed, just take some time. I used a really small bead of permatex copper as recommended and had both on in about 10 minutes time. 


Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of the overbite. No matter what I do, as soon as I reinstall thee hinge and tighten, it pushes the dome forward. I am sure it is not a big deal, but if anyone has figured out how to adjust it would be great to know. 






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9 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

you will discover that these gaskets wick water so, as the rain hits it, it will soak with water. No adverse effects on any cooks imo, they just tend to get wet easily and hold moisture in my experience.

Thanks for the heads up! 

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I found this topic - as I have the exact same issue.  Big Joe (original) with replaced new-style hinge and gasket.


It works fine, holds smoke (no leaks) but has an overbite exactly like the pictures above- maybe a bit worse.   When it rains hard, it seems to catch enough water that it does get wet inside.

Is there a fix? Or just deal with it and use a cover?









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1 hour ago, biggator said:

, it seems to catch enough water that it does get wet inside.
Is there a fix? Or just deal with it and use a cover?

In my experience, moisture inside your kamado quickly disappears when you lite a fire and cook. However, if your kamado sits idle for a period of time, that moisture can definitely turn into mold.I  have seen a number of posts showing kamado internal ceramic components covered with mold  (not just KJ's with the new stainless gasket, but all makes models with both steel and felt gaskets). The mold will also disappear with a scrape followed by a fire and heat. My advice is if you cook a lot you probably won't notice an issue, even with an uncovered kamado. If however, you only cook now and then, you could. However, mold inside your kamado is also a factor of the climate in which you live. I live in the high desert, so the issue is not really a problem here.  However,  I keep my Egg covered when rain or snow is in the forecast. Happy Cooking. And by the way, your deck makes a really nice cooking spot.:)


Ps. My Egg also has pretty much a permanent underbite


doesn't present any problems, in my experience.

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Thanks, Keeper... there are times when I do cook a lot, and other times where it sits for months.   I gave it a deep clean yesterday and it wasn't moldy, but there was a nice ash sludge at the bottom.  Yum.   Cleaned it out and lit a fire - all good.


I guess I'll just cover it, but I would like to adjust that overbite out if possible.

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