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Well folks, tonight it happened. I got my grill all put together and waited all day long to get it going. 


Around 4 o clock I loaded it up with my lump coal





I coated my lava stone with olive oil and added the brace and stone to the fire along with three apple wood chunks. 




shortly thereafter I had reached my temperature. 




i had had decided on smoked hamburgers. I took 1 1/4lb of 80/20 ground beef, 1 egg, and 1/4 cup of oats.  I patted out my patties and threw some seasoning salt to the patties.  Fearing that the burgers would not stay together for 30 minutes I wrapped the top grate in aluminum foil and added my burgers. 


When I opened my grill my temp dropped drastically, down to about 175. I think I got over worried here and stumbled around with it a bit, but finally got it back to 300. I had a nice mist of smoke emitting from the top. 


30 minutes of smoking them. 




I heated up a cast iron skillet with some butter and finished getting that nice crunchy layer. 


Just look at that....69A18574-BCE7-4651-B605-B2FFE4EEF3C4.thumb.jpeg.167daa9cca5031010d80d1cd63d0e92f.jpeg


the Mrs and I just sat and looked at each other with every bite. They were amazing!  There wasn’t to much smoke, but just enough. It tasted like a burger we would get at a steakhouse. They were so good!!


Im sure you have, but if you’ve never tried smoking burgers like this, you should. This is a meal I will be doing much much more, only trying many different things between seasonings and different flavor of woods. 


Thank  you for looking and thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way. I am a happy Kamado grill owner. Being able to maintain the temperature was my big worry. Seeing that it wasn’t much of a worry, makes me very pleased. 


So....thank you everyone; and @John Setzler thank you for this forum!

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Congratulations on your 1st cook in your Vision it looks delicious !!

Now your fun begins as you decide what to cook next :)


The temperatures will dip and recover when the Lid is opened up .


Enjoy Cooking on your VIsion 

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9 hours ago, WoodyT said:


The temperatures will dip and recover when the Lid is opened up .


Yep, if the temp is stable when you lift the lid it should return to that temperature in a bit after closing it. Just don't mess with the vent settings. That's where you start chasing temperatures, over adjusting back and forth between open and closed vent settings.

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6 hours ago, KismetKamado said:

I think wrapping the top grate in foil is what made your temp appear to have tanked.  


Looks like you hit the ground running - well done!  :)


You know I really wondered about that, and I wondered if that isn’t why it took a while for my temp to climb. Instead of just the lava stone, I had another barrier, the aluminum foil.  So, we will see with the next smoke. Thanks for the input and compliment @KismetKamado

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