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    • By GrillDawg
      Having some guys over on Sunday evening to hang out and I'm wanting to get them all steaks. Would prefer to do some kind of reverse sear.
      Since I won't be able to fit them all on the grill, I was thinking put them all in the oven to temp and then sear them. 
      Anyone see a flaw in my plan? Any advice on grilling 10-12 steaks on a KJ Classic II?
    • By ndg_2000
      I have just got my rotisserie attachment sorted out for the kamado
       As I have not cooked with a rotisserie before I was looking for tips/cooking temperature advice for a whole chicken as a starter so I can get a feel for it. 
      Also some other cooks that a rotisserie is well suited for.
      Thanks in advance 
    • By SPORO
      I just ordered a KJ Classic II over the weekend, and I am beyond excited to start learning and cooking on it when it arrives! I have heard that one should do a few "dry runs" where you heat the grill up without any food before cooking on it. When I was looking at different kamado brands in person, one sales rep told me it was necessary to "set" the ceramic or something like that by heating it up to a few hundred degrees for at least 30 minutes before trying to cook anything on it. I'm honestly a bit skeptical of that claim, but I'm also new to this style of grill, and since it's a significant investment, I obviously want to treat it well and take care of it so that I can enjoy cooking with it for years to come. Anyway, sorry for rambling. I'm looking forward to any advice and suggestions on getting my grill set up and cooking once it arrives! Suggestions on what to cook first also welcome! My wife and I were talking about it the other day and were a bit undecided. Thanks in advance!
    • By Big Biscuit
      Anyone have any experience with these? My old Black & Decker Hedgehog has bit the dust. So it was time for a replacement and I ended up picking up a dewalt 40 volt max 22" dual cordless trimmer. It has a lot of good reviews and I'm familiar with dewalt products. My only reservation is the battery life in the short term and the long term. They're not cheap. I know it's a little bassackwords to be asking this after I bought the trimmers but I just wanted to get a feel of what to expect. Here's what she looks like. http://www.dewalt.com/tools/outdoor-power-tool-equipment-dcht860m1.aspx
    • By MultipleParadox
      Hi all,
      I decided, today, of doing a Low and Slow Roast, more precisely a leg of lamb, boneless
      It's not very big, around the 2lbs marks.
      I started it early as I was expecting it to take a good 4h to reach 140F IT, but it is now 3pm over here and it's already at 138F IT
      I had my KJ at around 225-230F (Grill temp) most of the time
      I decided on snuffing it out a bit now to have it cook even slower, and grill temp is now at 205F
      Assuming I don't want to eat for another good 2h (ideally 3h), what would you recommend me of doing? Removing it now and reheat later, or leave it in there and let the KJ temp at this setting and let it drop a bit more?
      I realize it's a bit of messup, but... oh well
      Thanks for your help!
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