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One of the local grocery  stores had these Prime Tri tips for $4.99 a pound the other day. Tri tips are not to popular in my area. I picked up two of them. We were having a couple of friends over and I knew my wife and my friend's wife like their meat a little on the well-done side. Both steaks were seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. I set up the grill for two Zone cooking and I cooked the meat first over the fire Once I got that nice light charred looking crust I removed the steaks.

 Then brought the temperature on the kamado Big Joe up to 700°f and placed the steaks over the deflector side and cooked one of the tri tips to 130°f and the other one to 140°f. Rested them for about 10 minutes . The steaks came out really tender and juicy.




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Nice looking cook. Tri-tip around the Tidewater Va area is rarer than "unicorn meat". However like you I stumbled upon 4 prime Tri Tips at the Langley AFB Comissary. Grabbed all 4 of them and intend to make them the guests of honor tomorrow. 

Have to admit I have yet to cook one on any of my kamados that I remember. Usually turn them out on my PK, so tomorrow will do 2 on each.

Again great job.

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8 hours ago, lunchman said:

An excellent meal and those tri tips are cooked to perfection. Like you say, finding tri tips here in the northeast is difficult to impossible for some reason. 

Market Basket has them almost all of the time.  You just have to ask.  Not sure where in MA you are, but the Tewksbury one is a never fail for me.

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