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Primo All Around How to achieve low temps?

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Hi all,


I just recently delved into the world of BBQ with a Primo All - Around and I absolutely love it.


However, I have a question.


It seems that I cannot go below 250F on my kamado. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am planning on cooking my first brisket next week and I would like to be able to hold 175F (or around there).


This is how I fire up the grill:


  • I place some lump charcoal in the basket and light them up with an electric BBQ lighter
  • At 5 minutes, when the initial load is hot I place some more charcoal in the basket (to fill it up)
  • I wait for about another 5-10 minutes for all the coals to heat up and then use a blow dryer to really get them going
  • I close the lid of the kamado and start closing the bottom vent
  • However, my kamado is already heated up way above 175F (which was fine so far because I wanted it around 300F+).


From what I have observed the top vent is not doing anything at all for regulating the temperature, which is odd since everything I read so far on controlling the temp says to use the top vent (for micro adjustments). Even when I have the bottom vent fully closed the temp does not drop below 220F. I believe is because the ceramic walls have already absorbed too much heat.


If anyone has the Primo all-around and is able to use it at 175F I would appreciate the advice on how to do it.


Thank you all for your assistance,



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Hi and welcome to Kamado Guru, swing over to the introduction sections and post.


175 will be a challenge but much closer to 200 should be easy.  Get rid of the electric starter, the blow dryer and all of that.  Fill the kamado with lump, create a small hole in the center, drop a jumbo cotton ball that is dripping wet with rubbing alcohol down in the hole and light it.  Bottom full open, lid up.  Allow the cotton to burn out, close the lid, wait until your grill reaches around 175 and then close the top and bottom and top to just about 3/16 - 1/4 inch.  Let it ride and see what happens and adjust from there.

Problem is you are starting with too big a fire to begin with, good luck and report back!

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The procedure you outlined would work if your target temperature was 500*


You defiantly lit way too much lump. Follow philpom's procedure and expect at least an hour to come to temp and stabilize. 175* is going to be tough even for veteran users. Also a decent sized brisket would take forever at 175* and actually never finish because it would never get above 175*. Shoot for 250* for first go round. 



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Most folks want brisket cooked to about 205. Probe tender is the goal, but generally speaking that happens north of 200 degrees. At 175 you will never have probe tender meat. Listen to Phil and CK.  I think your temp range should be more like 225 to 275.  175 just won’t do.

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        Three hours after shutting down the dome temp was at 150° when I returned to start the grill for supper. I cooked 2 pieces of 2" thick choice top sirloin ( love ribeye but can't do fatty meat anymore).  I banked the coals and found 1 small piece of ember. I split a Webber cube in 3 and restarted everything  eventually reaching 600° to sear the meat.  Did 3 minutes to a side then put the steaks to a cooler place on the grill  for 4 minutes, closing all vents. The steak was medium rare, delicious, and a welcome return to that charcoal taste. 
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