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EGO Electric Lawn Mower

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EGO hedge trimmer, string trimmer, & chain saw.  We have had 3 plug-in string trimmers.  The EGO is the strongest & better than any plug-in type.  Hedge trimmer is super, & the chain saw works for pruning, cutting limbs, etc.  When our small gas mower goes, I will buy an EGO mower.

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Never been a fan of batteries. As an electronics technician, you can run into a bad batch of batteries. I’m not convinced about battery cars. I opted for the Honda lawn mower. I have a corded electric Stihl trimmer which I love. Need to get use to dragging a cord around. 


However, I recently bought a Dyson V11 battery vacuum. It is fantastic. I just accept the uncertainty of the battery life. My house has never been so clean. I gave my corded Dyson to my mum. 

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Ive got a DeWalt cordless weed whacker , and just picked up an electric Chainsaw. The chainsaw is not cordless, but still think its worth mentioning as I was uber-impressed with how well it performed. Im so used to gas chainsaws that dont want to start, have bad gas, won't idle right etc, comparitively, working with this thing was a breeze. It's also super light, and surprisingly powerful. The company claims it to be the equivalent of a 3.5 hp motor. I live in the city so Im just doing light tree trimming and its worked phenomenal for that. 

Ive got a fairly new top of the line Toro mower that was gifted to us, but I often think about trading it for an Ego or similar. I love not having to worry about gas or maintenance of any kind with my electric stuff. 

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On 4/23/2019 at 8:26 AM, John Setzler said:





My Honda lawn mower has been giving me a lot of trouble lately after only 5 seasons of using it.  I decided to get rid of it and replace it.  On a recent visit to my parents, my dad showed me one of these that he had bought.  It's battery powered.  I asked him if I could borrow it to try in my yard.  I tried it... cut the entire yard (about 40 minutes worth of mowing) on a single battery charge with time left to spare.  It seems to have plenty of power.. i have some thick grass and this mower worked great on it.  The mower is extremely quiet compared to a gas engine mower.  I put my headphones on to listen to music while I mow and I can't hear the mower at all over the music.  


I also decided to get the string trimmer as well.  I want to get the blower but I need to find one that doesnt' include another battery and charger.  These tools all use the same battery type.  Any battery from any device will work with all the other devices and chargers.  This lawn mower came with the largest battery (56v / 7.5A).  Other battery options they have are all 56v but you can get 5A and 2.5A batteries.  The trimmer came with a 2.5A battery.  The mower I got also comes with a fast charger that will recharge that 7.5A battery in an hour.  The string trimmer came with a standard charger.. not sure how long it takes but i'll be using the slow charger most of the time just to extend battery.  The mower came with a 5 year warranty and a 3 year warranty on the battery..


So.. hopefully I'm gonna enjoy some no-gas no-oil yard maintenance for a while...



I have the one model down with the 5 Amp battery.  My yard isn’t big enough to justify a self propelled mower.  


The mulching blade it comes with is passable.  It doesn’t cut very evenly when the grass is tall.


Make sure to buy the uplift blade and make the swap.  The Ego uplift blade cuts ten time cleaner than the mulching blade.  It’s blade the mower should cane with in the box. 



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2 hours ago, John Setzler said:

@Charcoal Addict i will pick up one of those blades to try...


Hang on to your mulching blade when you want to mulch.  They work okay when you only have an inch to trim.   They’re not so great if it rained all week and you have 3 plus inches to trim. 


The high lift also does a decent job on mulching cuts. 


The other tip I can give you is to buy some car wax to provide a non-stick coating underneath.


It’s really hard to to remove grass that sticks to the bottom of the Ego with the matte plastic.  The grass sticks like glue. A  very thin coat of car wax before every mowing session does the trick.  


The grass wipes off easily if you use Auto wax to create non stick coating in the undercarriage of the Ego.

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EGO seems to be a great company and puts out a reliable product. I purchased the heavy duty  leaf blower along with a separate additional battery for my nephew in  law, Last Christmas. He is an airplane mechanic with a private plane, jet, helicopter, repair and maintenance  business, in Ocean Side Cal. He is a real  stickler for quality tools and gear.  He uses the blower daily to keep his airplane hangers  and the plane parking areas around his hangers free of leaves and other organic stuff and dust that blows in from the tall grass areas inside the airport runways .He loves the thing, always talks about how well it works an how clean it keeps his shop. Last time I was there most of the other folks with hangers in the same area had gone out and purchased the same blowers for the same use, following my nephews lead. I did not hear any complaints about the blowers performance, only praise from those using it. 

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