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cooking fish on the grill


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I seem to struggle with fish on the grill, normally it falls apart when i try and turn it.

I did coat the grate with cooking oil only to have tonight's tilapia and catfish stick and burn.

when i try and flip it earlier it falls apart, is there some magic temp and time i dont know?

the swordfish steak did not have these problems.

the only thing i have tried is to flip the fish only once but it only seems to help marginally.

i have also used cedar planks in the past and they did work well but i would like to avoid having to use them.



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The cast iron grates would present a challenge. Even with stainless steel grates, I haven't attempted to cook fish directly on the grate. I have had good success with salmon. I place a layer a tin foil on top of the grill. I poke a very large number of holes into it, and spray it with some Pam cooking spray.With all the holes in the foil, the smoke still come through, and it turns out absolutely fantastic. I haven't tried a wood plank but have always wanted to

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For those type of fillets, I use a grill pan that I coat in cooking oil. The pan seems to help keep the fillet together and the many slits in the bottom let the heat through.

Here's the one I use:


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