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DArk Ribs?


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I cooked baby back ribs on my Vision B for first time.   Used a woo ring with heat diffuser in bottom.  3 slabs. One on bottom grill and 2 on top.  # large pieces of apple wood.  I cooked on 225 for 3 hrs.  The sprits with apple juice every 20 minutes for 2 hrs,  Ribs were black lookin at this point.  Cooked another hr with sauce.   What did I do wrong?

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Either too much sugar, or too high temp. Are you sure it was 225? The stock dome thermometers are useless.


And.. ribs in a Kamado don't need spritzing.

And 6 hours is too long for baby backs. 4 hours is perfect.


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Wondering if the wood you used was really sooty? How dark was the smoke at first? Did you have a rub on them to start with?

Ive made several racks of ribs and the color has been very good, not sooty like you described at all.


This pic was my first ever cook on my Vision. At the very end when I just added the sauce.0330191840.thumb.jpg.531946c3cbf74c7a53d0586002058b1e.jpg



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On 4/27/2019 at 6:57 PM, Riverman1 said:

Ribs were black lookin' at this point.

After 5 hours in a smoker, they should be very dark. My briskets come out black. 


You don't say how you prepared the ribs, only the apple juice spritz. @Walrus is right that sugar will turn black, but the apple juice was too little, too late to blacken. Sugar in a rub is another story. 


The only true test of a thermometer is how the food cooks. If you really did 3 hrs. smoke, then 2 hrs. spritz, then 1 hr. with sauce, they could be overdone after 6 hrs. at 225 F. I look for meat to pull back on the bone, so dry white bone sticks out. I then turn that bone to see if it lets go (done) or is loose (past done but perfect to some tastes). 


If they tasted good, you did nothing wrong. Adjust cooking time/temp if you like to experiment. 


If they tasted like soot... that's another story. 

Fires need to mature before we put food on. Thick white smoke from a young fire tastes like an ash tray, but that taste goes away when the fire gets hot. The question then becomes "When do I add smoking wood?" I add it once the bad smoke clears. Even for low-n-slow, if I leave the deflectors and grates out until the fire matures, there's no problem hitting 225 F. 


HAve fun,


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