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Stopping a crack in its tracks...

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My classic has developed a crack about the width of the hinge beneath the hinge. Having dealt with support (awesome as ever) on remover the bands the hinge was mounts very unevenly (the holes were wonky) and we think it may have pinpointed the stress so they are sending a replacement.


unfortunately as I’m not in the US they have told me it may be a month or two before I get it which is fine but I want to keep cooking and stop the crack. From what I’ve read you need to find the exact end of the crack and drill it to stop it spreading. My questions are these, can I do this but not go all the way through and it work? I’m thinking stop around 3-4mm from the glaze so there not a big hole to patch? Further to that would you use refractory clay or jb weld to then plug the holes? 


Thanks as always!

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