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    • By adamhorner
      I’m new to the forum but just picked up the KJ Classic (but with the black shelving and handle, not bamboo and divide and conquer setup, not the older triangle setup) for $699.99 + tax, clearanced from $999.99 with free ship to store and currently free assembly and delivery on all grills over $399 at Ace Hardware if you’re an Ace Rewards program member (free loyalty program). Haven’t seen the Classic anywhere else for less than $800-$900.  I was about to spring for the Classic II, but with this deal at $500 less ($1199 seems to be the prevailing sticker for the Classic II) I decided I could live without the Air Lift hinge and Kontrol Tower (Think I like the cast iron with daisy wheel better for longevity, anyways).  Anyways, here is the website, I imagine Ace is trying to clear inventory so they can sell some more Classic IIs.
    • By 12thman
      Question, fairly new to the Pit Boss - finding it tough to control the temperature on longer smokes.   First off, we are instructed to wait until the charcoal is covered is ash color before cooking...so what happens when you add black charcoal to an existing fire?  My concern is I see black smoke coming out of my grill?  
      Another question is how do i get the pit boss to stay at 225 for long periods of time - like 4-8 hours?  It jumps up to 350 and slowly drops and lands about 150.  This is with the Bottom vent open an inch and the top vent closed.  
    • By SmokyButt
      I Need An Analyst!
      Hello. New member, and I have told a lot about myself in the new member intro section. I'm a well weathered smoker with specialty in pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, and turkey (20++ years). Until a year or so ago I developed my skills in Memphis first with a metal trashcan mod and then with a rinky dinky Brinkman horizontal smoker with chimney and firebox.
      I did extremely well with those pieces of crap over the years.The beautiful wife bought me an Akorn for our anniversary, and this is my second season trying to master it for low and slow. I LOVE it, but can't CONTROL it very well (wife says the same think about me  ).
      Until last weekend, I was never able to keep a steady temp between 200F and 300F for longer than 4 hours. Sometimes I would then relight the fire once or twice and/or finish it in the oven. ARGH!
      Then I read through key discussions here at the Guru, especially the excellent Can't Control Temps On Akorn discussion from 2013. Following that discussion, I was able to pull 9 hours of 200F to 300F before it started to peter out. Fortunately, this was a test run - no meat.
      I took a PHOTO LOG of my entire experience and condensed it down to the attached PDF with enough text to explain things.
      Who will look at that for me and provide insights as to how I can do better? I'm supposed to serve up some pulled pork and brisket for company June 26.
      I would GREATLY appreciate it!
      Smoker Picture Timeline.pdf
    • By Marty
      Has any one tried Insta Fire?
      I saw it on Shark Tank and it seems an odd product.  It burns but does not seem to gain in power. It can be put out by dumping it on top of its self. They throw a ball of it in water and it floats and relights its self.
      With the alcohol and cotton balls--- the cardboard and paraffin Rutland Safe Lite coating 14 cents a block and working with 1/2 a block at 7 cents--- and a propane torch lasting forever on a 3 dollar tank---I just do  not see this as attractive at a dollar a pack for lighting lump charcoal.
      It supposedly is for sale in a bunch of stores and is available on Amazon.
      My girlfriend is an oral hygienist.. They use these torches for something in the office.. They received a new one and could not get it calibrated right and were gonna throw it out.. Knowing I like fire she saved it and brought it to me.. 

      It lights alcohol soaked cotton balls better than anything I have used.. Fuel miser I bet I can light 1000 cottonballs without refueling.. Its also hell on daddy long legs.. 
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